Clayton Geralds

Munfordville, KY
“I like AmeriStand 405T RR because of it’s rapid regrowth, leafy stands and fine stems,” says Clayton Geralds of Geralds Farms in Munfordville, Kentucky. “About 80 percent of our clients are horse people and they won’t take coarse hay. We’ve had our AmeriStand 405T RR stands for five years now and they are still producing fine stems and good yields.”
Geralds has tried a few other brands over the years and was disappointed with the yields and stand quality. Besides averaging a ton less per acre, the other brand was so coarse he almost couldn’t sell it. “We tried another Roundup Ready® variety and it was really coarse,” says Geralds, who grows about 650 acres of hay. “We had to quickly plant some orchard grass just so it wouldn’t look so bad." 
Geralds plans to incorporate Genuity® Roundup Ready® America’s Alfalfa into 100 percent of his spring planting. He also plans to make it a major part of subsequent plantings. Geralds’ fields are living proof the Traffic Tested™ genetics will not only help stands last longer but will protect yields year after year.