Kevin Yon

Ridge Spring, SC
"The biggest reason we chose Alfagraze 600 RR is because that’s what we had before and it worked so good for us,” says
Kevin Yon, who planted Alfagraze 600 RR in 2006 before it was deregulated. “We feel like down here in South Carolina, it’s more adapted to our southern climate.

It has a higher fall dormancy rating than some grazing varieties. It makes better use of our long growing season and doesn’t try to go dormant on us. Around here we might graze it from March to October with adequate rainfall. It comes on earlier in the spring and stays longer in the fall.

The Yon Family Farm is increasing their acreage of Alfagraze 600 RR this fall to 40 acres. They graze their growing stock on it to provide added nutrients and higher feed value. They focus on quality feed so they can offer top quality beef.

We chose America’s Alfalfa because of the integrity of the company and their willingness to help us be successful with our alfalfa stand,” continues Yon, who raises purebred Angus seed stock.

From planting recommendations to management recommendations, they have always given us a timely response. They have a quality seed and they back it up with service.