Roundup Ready®

Growers will be able to enjoy the ease of weed management with the proven performance of Traffic Tested® America’s Alfalfa varieties. For an overview and to calculate the benefits on your own operation Click Here.

“We now offer Roundup Ready® Alfalfa in dormancies to cover the country,” says Brian Gueck, National Brand Manager for America’s Alfalfa. “America’s Alfalfa is the only brand offering dormant and non-dormant Traffic Tested® Roundup Ready® varieties. Traffic Tested® varieties are bred to yield under the pressures of wheel and grazing traffic. Now with Roundup® herbicide tolerance, growers have a new tool to help increase yield potential and simplify weed management. Farmers will get the most production possible in their areas thanks to Roundup Ready® varieties ranging from 3 to 9 fall dormancies.

“AmeriStand 455TQ RR has characteristics similar to the popular AmeriStand 407TQ variety,” says Gueck. “We are also offering Alfagraze 600 RR, which was bred from the original dual purpose Alfagraze variety. America’s Alfalfa only offers high-quality seed and our Roundup Ready® seeds meet or exceed those high standards.”

Why grow the only Traffic Tested® Roundup Ready® alfalfa?

The combination of Roundup Ready® with the proven Traffic Tested® genetics is only available from America’s Alfalfa. This combination makes producing high yielding and high quality forage with fewer weeds easier and more convenient. Non-selective Roundup® herbicides (glyphosate) can be safely applied over the top of Roundup Ready® alfalfa. Less weed competition can increase yields and quality. In the vast majority of trials comparing Roundup Ready® with conventional alfalfa, and using glyphosate vs conventional herbicides, a significant establishment year advantage in yield and quality is reported for the Roundup Ready system based on improved weed control and better crop safety. Most growers report that establishment year yield and forage quality benefits more than pay for the Roundup Ready® alfalfa technology.

What has been grower experiences with Roundup Ready® alfalfa?

The stand life of all Traffic Tested® alfalfa genetics is optimized by the deep crowns and fast recovery after harvest in each seed. Some growers have had RRA fields for over five years and they still produce top quality hay, every time they cut it. In a recent nationwide survey of Roundup Ready® alfalfa growers that planted prior to March 2007, they reported an average 0.9 T/A yield increase on Roundup Ready® vs. conventional alfalfa harvested on their farms. This is an aggregate benefit associated with competitive Roundup Ready® alfalfa varieties and trait benefits related to better weed control. In growing areas where multiple herbicide applications are commonly needed for effective weed control (e.g. California), growers report decreased herbicide use and increased stand life with Roundup Ready® alfalfa.

When should the Roundup® herbicide be applied to Roundup Ready® alfalfa?

Unsurpassed weed control and crop safety starts with flexible application timing. For production management, ask for the America’s Alfalfa Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Management Guide booklet. Always start with a weed-free field. In no-till and reduced-till systems, apply a herbicide burndown application to control existing weeds at least 1 to 2 weeks before planting. In both newly seeded and established stands, to preserve the yield and quality potential of forage and hay, applications should be made after weeds have emerged, but before alfalfa growth or re-growth interferes with application spray coverage of the target weeds. Research data indicate for the most effective stand establishment, a single application of a Roundup® herbicide at the seedling stage should be applied when your alfalfa is in the 3 to 4 trifoliate stage. Due to the genetic diversity of alfalfa, a small percentage of the seedlings are susceptible and will not survive the first application of Roundup®. An application in the 6 to 9 trifoliate stage will set up your crop for superior quality harvest. Refer to your crop protection dealer for latest recommendation for Roundup® herbicide.

Does the Roundup Ready® Alfalfa require additional seeding rate?

No increase in seeding rate is required. An early glyphosate application is recommended to control weeds during this critical phase of stand establishment, and to eliminate the small percentage of null seedlings found in any Roundup Ready® alfalfa variety. No stand loss is associated with any subsequent glyphosate application. In fact, application of glyphosate when required for weed control after stand establishment shows benefits in improved alfalfa stand and plant health by controlling weed competition.

How are Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Stands Removed?

Use a combination of cultivation and herbicides containing 2,4-D, atrazine or dicamba for effective stand removal. Effective stand take-out of Roundup Ready® alfalfa is important when used in rotation with other Roundup Ready crops.

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