Seed Treatments

GroZone® Gold Seed Treatment Package 

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This specially selected five-layer treatment of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, fungicide, micronutrients, and Optimize® Gold patented technology under a protective coating gives alfalfa growers these advantages:

Better emergence in wet or dry conditions
  • Up to 20% better emergence than preinoculated uncoated seed (U of MN and CA data).
  • Micronutrients surrounding the seed increases germination and emergence.
  • Controls early season diseases that attack new seedings in wet environments.
Better and earlier nodule formation for improved nitrogen fixation
  • At least 100% more live Rhizobium per seed than preinoculated uncoated seed improves root development and nodulation.
  • Unique mix of Rhizobium strains improves nodulation and promotes nitrogen-fixation.
Better stand establishment
  • Root and shoot development is enhanced immediately and independent of soil conditions.
  • Early start improves plant health with season-long benefits of greater yield potential.
  • Smooth finish and uniform seed size improves planting accuracy.
  • Ideal for reduced tillage.

Proprietary GroZone® Package Includes:

  • Optimize® Gold with LCO Promoter Technology® for alfalfa

    • When present at the time of planting, LCO Promoter Technology® enables your crop to achieve its full genetic potential by enhancing nutritional capabilities that drive natural growth processes, maximizing plant health and crop performance.
  • Stamina® Fungicide

    • Protects seed and new seedlings from fungal disease and
      enhance plant health, especially under tough soil conditions
      with elevated disease pressure. May result in higher germination rates, increased nodulation, healthier roots and larger plants.
  • Nitragin® Gold

    • Specially selected natural rhizobia strains (pre-inoculant) result in high levels of nitrogen fixation for maximum yields.
  • Apron XL® Fungicide

    • Protects against seedling damping-off diseases, especially in cool wet soils.

  • Micronutrients

    • Assists in early vigor and stand establishment
  • Protective Coating

    • Preserves and extends shelf life of active rhizobia within seed treatment.

Stamina® Fungicide Seed Treatment

Protects alfalfa from important seedling diseases

  • Powered by F500® fungicide, the same active ingredient that is in Headline® fungicide
  • Stamina is a broad spectrum, seed-applied fungicide that provides suppression of seed and emerging seedling disease caused by these target diseases
    • Aphanomyces euteiches
    • Fusarium spp.
    • Rhizoctonia solani
    • Phytophthora medicaginis
  • Seed treated with Stamina® results in:
    • A healthier stand with faster developing plants
    • Increased forage yield
    • More rapid and increased emergence of seedlings even under certain cold conditions

Apex™ Green Organic Seed Coating OMRI-Listed.JPG

  • Apex™ Green Seed Coating encapsulates each seed with a specifically formulated mix of OMRI listed and NOP approved minerals and
  • The natural color of Apex™ Green Seed Coating improves monitoring of the seeded area and seeding rates. The change in color also disguises the seed from natural predators, such as birds, increasing the seeds survivability.
  • Seeds coated with Apex™ Green Seed Coating are larger and distribute more evenly. The added size increases spread width up to 40% and helps seed penetrate stubble or thatch for maximum seed-soil contact, a crucial step to a seeds germination.
  • Every seed planted with Apex™ Green Seed Coating is surrounded with a natural micronutrient rich environment, stimulating vigorous growth in young seedlings. When applied to legumes Apex™ Green Seed Coating allows very high numbers of Nitrogen fixing rhizobia, ensuring crucial nodulation.
  • The hygroscopic nature of Apex™ Green Seed Coating helps pull and hold moisture, aiding in germination. Our new Apex™ Green HydoLoc contains an organic hydration conponent that will maximize water absorption for enhanced germination and accelerated growth.
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