Seed Treatments

GroZone® Gold - Package of Benefits Delivered to Your Seed

This specially selected five-layer treatment of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, fungicide, micronutrients, and Optimize® Gold patented technology under a protective coating gives alfalfa growers these advantages:

Better emergence in wet or dry conditions

  • Up to 20% better emergence than preinoculated uncoated seed (U of MN and CA data
  • Micronutrients surrounding the seed increases germination and emergence
  • Controls early season diseases that attack new seedings in wet environments

Better and earlier nodule formation for improved nitrogen fixation

  • At least 100% more live Rhizobium per seed than preinoculated uncoated seed improves root development and nodulation
  • Unique mix of Rhizobium strains improves nodulation and promotes nitrogen-fixation

Better stand establishment

  • Root and shoot development is enhanced immediately and independent of soil conditions
  • Early start improves plant health with season-long benefits of greater yield potential
  • Smooth finish and uniform seed size improves planting accuracy
  • Ideal for reduced tillage

Proprietary GroZone® Package Includes:

  • Optimize® Gold with LCO Promoter Technology® for alfalfa
    • When present at the time of planting, LCO Promoter Technology® enables your crop to achieve its full genetic potential by enhancing nutritional capabilities that drive natural growth processes, maximizing plant health and crop performance.
  • Nitragin® Gold
    • Specially selected natural rhizobia strains (pre-inoculant) result in high levels of nitrogen fixation for maximum yields
  • Apron XL® Fungicide
    • Protects against seedling damping-off diseases, especially in cool wet soils
  • Micronutrients
    • Assists in early vigor and stand establishment
    • Mo (Molybdenum) + Fe (Iron) + Mn (Manganese)
  • Protective Coating
    • Preserves and extends shelf life of active rhizobia within seed treatment
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Stamina® Fungicide Seed Treatment

Protects alfalfa from important seedling diseases
  • Powered by F500® fungicide, the same active ingredient that is in Headline® fungicide
  • Stamina is a broad spectrum, seed-applied fungicide that provides suppression of seed and emerging seedling disease caused by these target diseases
    • Aphanomyces euteiches
    • Fusarium spp.
    • Rhizoctonia solani
    • Phytophthora medicaginis
  • Seed treated with Stamina® results in:
    • A healthier stand with faster developing plants
    • Increased forage yield
    • More rapid and increased emergence of seedlings even under certain cold conditions

Stamina® Fungicide Seed Treatment now available on AmeriStand 427TQ, AmeriStand 419LH Brand, AmeriStand 455TQ RR, AmeriStand 435TQ RR, AmeriStand 457TQ RR and AmeriStand 480 HVXRR.

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Apex™ Green Organic Seed Coating

  • Combo of Apex™ Green and Nitragin® Gold only
    • Specifically formulated mix of OMRI Listed and NOP Approved minerals and nutrients
    • Every seed is surrounded with a natural micronutrient environment, stimulating vigorous growth in young seedlings
    • Allows very high numbers of Nitrogen fixing rhizobia, ensuring crucial nodulation
    • Helps pull and hold moisture due to hygroscopic nature
  • Natural color of seed coating improves monitoring of the seeded area and seeding rates
    • Also disguises seed from natural predators, such as birds, increasing the seeds survivability
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