Grower Point of Sale Reporting Requirements


Reporting Deadlines

Deadline 1:  June 30 (Spring sales)

  • 1/1-6/30 sales and current inventory should be reported by 6/30
  • Accounts are considered reconciled when Beginning Inventory + Invoiced Units – GPOS Reporting – Inventory = 0 AND all growers are properly licensed.
    • Ex. Beginning Inventory (50) + Invoiced Units (250) – GPOS Reporting (225) – Inventory (75) = 0
    • We do not assume that the remaining unreported units are in inventory, so inventory MUST be reported
Deadline 2:  Dec 1 (Fall sales)
  • All remaining sales should be reported by December 1
    • All sales made after Dec 1, should be submitted by year-end

Completed grower reporting forms should be emailed to
  • The standard 2016 form must be utilized
  • Handwritten or pdf forms will not be accepted


Reporting Tips
  • Complete this reporting form in its entirety, including inventory
  • Handwritten/other forms will NOT be accepted
  • Include distributor name, to ensure reporting is correctly assigned
  • Validate grower license before submission (Register and search on or call AgCelerate @ 866-784-4630)
  • Replant units should also be reported on this form
  • To avoid duplicate reporting, do not add new growers to a form that has already been submitted. Complete and submit a new form
  • If a grower returns already reported units, report as negative units on a new form or communicate changes in a separate email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Account does not have a dealer license, what do they do?
Q: How do I get/check status of grower Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement (MTSA) #?
  • A: In 2013, Monsanto began participating in the industry-wide electronic grower licensing platform AgCelerate

Q: Grower has an MTSA#, but it is coming up as invalid or unlicensed, what do I do?
  • A: This more than likely means that the grower does not have a current agreement on file
  • A: The grower has two options to become properly licensed
    • Sign and submit a paper form
    • Register for AgCelerate and complete the license process

Q: How do I order paper MTSA Forms?
Q: How does the AgCelerate licensing process work?
  • A: Go to and login, if you are already registered
  • To register as a:
    • Seed Supplier
      • Take a tour-
      • Contact AgCelerate @ 866-784-4630 to set up your account and request an invite code
      • Once invite code is received, enter email address and invite code provided
      • Confirm account information
      • Search/upload growers
    • Grower
      • Take a tour-
      • Create an account
      • Verify identity
      • Select crops and seed supplier
      • Select available agreements for signing and complete step-by-step process

Q: How are replants handled?
  • A: Ask your Account Manager for the appropriate replant form. GENRRA trait replant credits can only be issued if the replant is for the same brand.
    • The replanted field will need to be reported on the grower reporting form two times—one for the original planting and one for the replant.  Please note the replant units.

Q: Account lost inventory, what do they do?
  • A: Shrink or minimal inventory losses are a part of business. When the account is otherwise reconciled, please communicate this information to
    • Lost units will be used to reconcile the account, but no program credits will be paid on them.