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What’s your variety?


Wondering which conventional or Genuity® Roundup Ready® variety is right for you? Click through the Variety Selection Guide to help you find the best variety for your area. It uses region, number of cuts and an explanation of the genetic traits to help alfalfa growers make the right seed choice.

NEWS AmeriStand 427TQ & AmeriStand 455TQ RR, now available with Stamina® Fungicide Seed Treatment, are bred to yield under pressure.  Stamina® provides early disease control and has been associated with more rapid and increased emergence of seedlings even under certain cold conditions, resulting in healthier plants right out of the ground.

Alfalfa Can Compete Against High Commodity Prices
Analysis shows it can be more profitable to grow alfalfa than row crops - like corn and soybeans.  As you can see below, using USDA & extension averages along with current market data, alfalfa may be up to $100 more profitable per acre than corn and even more so when compared to soybeans.  You can enter your own yield and related expenses to see how alfalfa can add to your bottom line - click here to calculate your operation's profitablility.

Save Nitrogen Costs?  Consider the Rotational Value of Alfalfa
Determining crop rotations is a big decision. When considering which crop to plant, consider alfalfa as a source to fix nitrogen, improve yields and break disease & pest cycles.  These benefits plus economic returns from growing alfalfa makes it a smart choice to rotate with your other cash crops.  Click here to learn more.

Next Generation of Traffic Tested® Genuity® Roundup Ready®
GenuityRRA LogoSeveral additions to the America’s Alfalfa lineup were introduced this year.  Of course, all these varieties come with America’s Alfalfa’s essential Traffic Tested® traits. This means they stand up to forces of wheel traffic, weather, disease, pests and grazing. Click on the links below to learn more about the four newest varieties.
AmeriStand 415NT RR - High nematode resistance compliment to conventional AmeriStand 445NT for the western US
AmeriStand 455TQ RR - High quality compliment to conventional AmeriStand 407TQ for the eastern US
AmeriStand 715NT RR - Superior resistance to stem nematode and other yield-robbing pests
AmeriStand 915TS RR - First 9-Dormancy Traffic Tested® variety

Why Traffic Tested®?
Check out the Traffic Tested® page to see why having alfalfa varieties that are proven to hold up to the rigors of harvest is important and what this trait can mean to your operation.

“We are Proud to be America’s Alfalfa”

Brian Gueck - America's Alfalfa Brand Manager