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Fall is a great time to evaluate soil fertility for your current stand of alfalfa. Potassium, phosphorus, boron and sulfur levels should all be managed to maximize yield potential. And for those considering planting alfalfa in 2015 on fields with pH values below 6.5, liming this fall will ensure ample time for soil reaction to increase pH. For more insights, visit our University section.

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Alfalfa Can Compete Against High Commodity Prices

Alfalfa Profit Calculator

Analysis shows it can be more profitable to grow alfalfa than row crops - like corn and soybeans. Click on our Alfalfa Profit Calculator and see the USDA & extension averages along with current market data, alfalfa may be up to $100 more profitable per acre than corn and even more so when compared to soybeans. Then, enter your own yield and related expenses into the calculator to see how alfalfa can add to your bottom line.