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HarvXtra® alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology gives you flexibility in the field with an unprecedented seven-day cutting window.

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See the difference in your field.

America’s Alfalfa seed varieties with the UltraCut™ alfalfa disease package provide agronomic and economic advantages by protecting your crop against expensive, evolving Anthracnose and Aphanomyces disease strains.

Expand your acres and yield potential, too.

Crown, stem and root diseases can cause significant impacts on alfalfa yield, quality and persistence. The UltraCut alfalfa disease package enables strong stand establishment and variety performance through unmatched disease resistance. See healthier stands and more yield in your fields by planting varieties* with the UltraCut alfalfa disease package.

You’ll find UltraCut in our AmeriStand 481HVXRR and AmeriStand 428TQ varieties.

Alfalfa Can Compete Against High Commodity Prices

Analysis shows it can be more profitable to grow alfalfa than row crops - like corn and soybeans. Per the USDA & extension averages along with current market data, alfalfa may be up to $100 more profitable per acre than corn and even more so when compared to soybeans..