Growing high-quality alfalfa starts with the right seed.

At America’s Alfalfa®, we pledge allegiance to your success. We believe in doing more than providing the only Traffic Tested® alfalfa seed available. It’s our duty to partner with the farmers who buy it to make sure your fields stand strong and tall, season after season.

1. Harvest on your schedule

HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology puts you back in charge of your cutting schedule. Maintain a normal harvest schedule and achieve higher forage quality than with conventional varieties at the same stage of maturity or delay harvest up to 10 days for higher yield potential without sacrificing quality.

2. Fall dormancy and winterhardiness

When making your variety selection, consider your yield and quality goals, as well as the type of hay or silage you are producing. America’s Alfalfa produces varieties in a range of fall dormancies with comparable winterhardiness ratings.

3. Weed control

For a thicker stand, higher yield and higher percentage of pure alfalfa in forage, Roundup Ready Alfalfa can control weeds like nothing else.

4. Disease and pest protection

In-seed resistance is the best protection against threats from seedling diseases or diseases in established stands, aphids and nematodes. America’s Alfalfa is leading the way in improved traits like these, as well as in salt-tolerant alfalfas.

For exceptional quality, yield potential and flexibility, ask your seed supplier about the following new America’s Alfalfa variety with Roundup Ready Technology.

AmeriStand 416NT RR
AmeriStand 416NT RR is a new Traffic Tested variety that offers nematode resistance along with the Roundup Ready weed control system, giving your fields high resistance to nine yield-robbing pests including stem nematode and pea aphid. This FD4 is a great variety for the West and Plains for high quality and yield potential.